Anyone got B's details

Need to ask him what magic he can do (if it’s worth doing) on a 990 as I’m sure it could do with feeling a bit better :smiley:

Google BN Race Science

No idea, hopefully not the same fate as C&A

Yes, very much worth it, and plenty of adjustment too, good stuff that WP.

Cool thanks all…

Martin what’s c&a?

B, C&A, never mind.

I have B’s details. Find me on FB and give me your number I will pass it to him.


I could be your brother, whereisb. :slight_smile:
I’ve done quite a few adventure bikes and 990’s. Lots of improvements to be had.
To be fair, I say that about almost every bike, but it’s the truth.
Your test ride after will confirm;)

Martin - have you brought your coat yet?

Cheers B will give you a call sometime next week (nivag text me your number) :slight_smile:

Going for a… uhm… test ride today… to see if I can work out what I need to tell you it’s doing well and what not. (at least that’s what I’m telling the missus) :smiley:

Goos idea to test ride so you get to know your bike. Don’t worry if you can’t explain its quirks but some things to look out for are:

Is it stable under braking, accelerating and cornering on entry and exit. ( The 990 does tend to weave and wallow a bit. )
Is it comfortable. (Highly likely and at the expense of better performance)
Does it steer (understeer/oversteer) also hold a line mid and exit of corners or are you having to wrestle it.

Not always easy to answer these questions but I’ll do that for you;)

If he takes his ruck sack when he goes on a ‘test’ ride, say goodbye for about an hour…especially if he has his lunch with him :slight_smile:

An hour! If I take my back pack I’ll be off for a few days! :smiley: