Anyone Got Any Hi Res Moto GP Pics? Rossi/Hayden etc

As above - been looking for some good pics to hang in my hallway but cant find much in larger sizes ideally A3 so Im gonna make my own if I can, Im after some good action shots if you have any.



Plenty in our galleries :slight_smile:

Have a look here too for all the racing pics

we have the full high quality versions of these shots if the ones on the galleries are not good enough.


Cheers Matt - thats absolutely spot on what i was looking for! Now Im spoilt for choice

Mark you might be sorted now but if you arn’t I’ll tell you a way to get high res pics I would imagine would be A3 sized of recent motogp pics.


Loads of pictures on there find a picture you want get the image location:

Take that link and replace the “thumbsv5” with “large” like so: - A very cool Hayden pic in recent 800cc test - A nice rossi picture in the same test.

Hope this helps bud