Anyone got any experiences of a KTM LC4 Prestige ????

Hi all

Yet again i seem to be in difficultys with my commute to work i knew the Tuono would only do for nice weather but it seems that its not as practical as i thought it might, the fuel light comes on at 80 miles and its a handful when filtering arghhh

So heres my question ive seen a few KTMs whizzing about up town and i really like them especially the one ive seen parked in the bike bay near my work its a LC4 prestige in black looks wicked so to my question anyone had any experience of these bikes ?

My daily commute is 20 miles each way so isnt exactly too far and KTM are offering free insurance at the mo so im mighty tempted and would value any opinions the ZX6 is going in part eX as noone is interested a private sales dam i hate Kawasaki now

Gonna test ride one tomorrow hopefully but just interested on anyones experiences of these bikes

cheers Dan

I owned a Duke II for 18 months and 8000 miles without a single issue and loved it. The Duke II is actually the same as the LC4 but with diff clothes on

I have also owned untill this afternoon a KTM 625SMC which is a slightly more focused version of the LC4, being lighter and slightly more powerfull. I owned this for again 18 months and 6000 miles again with no complaint.

IMHO and it is only my opinion, the LC4 is the best road tard on the market. The build quality is superb, they are quick and cheap to tune and have a very good reputation. I would defo recommend one.

As for petrol an LC4 would do about 70 before res around town, the SMC 50 A 40 mile commute is fine for an LC4, I was using the SMC for a 60 mile round commute recently and only the A1 was a chore

If it were me, thou I’d buy a 625SMC and maybe, just maybe you could make it look as cool as this


Love the bike Supermofo mate and thanks very much for the info

Going to pop down to Ashford Monday and take one out for a test ride arghhh the tank range is worse on the KTM i presume down to a much smaller tank i know some KTMs can be modded for a bigger tank just filling up every other day becomes a right chore.

I love black KTMs i know orange ones are their trademark but they look meaner in black and thats all that counts on the roads in London

So you sold the KTM ? what you got now mate if you dont mind me asking

Thanks Dan

Yeah its the tank range thats the problem. The LC4 has a 12lt tank and the SMC a 9lt Filling up every day is a chore!

I sold the SMC for a new Z750 and I kin love it The motard was the bollox but I’m now commuting 60 miles a day and the KTM ain’t really built for massive milages on longer a roads. I used my DukeII for a 40 mile round trip and that didn’t seem as bad, so I think it was the extra 10 miles of mainly A1 that made the trip just a bit to long. For round town and on country roads thou the motard is really good.

Not 100% sure but I am pretty sure you can get a larger tank for it. Check out or the supermoto section on

How did you get on Dadoink?

I`m thinking of getting a 625 SMC or a 640 Enduro myself and would love any feed back from someone in the same position as me.

I just want abit of fun on road and something that would also handle dry dirt tracks (flat! no jumps)



Opps sorry forgot your Q about the tank

There is an 18 litre tank for the LC4 I think they can be had 2nd hand for about £150 but might be wrong. I also think you have to change the seat? I’d personally ask on the Visordown Supermoto forum as there are a few guys who have used em who might be able to help.

Right just did a search and found the following for ya, but only had a quick look as I’ve got a load of work to do so you might wanna do a more detailed search

It seems that Sommer (German place does loadsa KTM bling), might be a good place to start.

Great thanks for the links Supermofo mate brilliant help

Ermm ive got a Z750 myself and im feeling a bit let down about it at the moment build quality issues etc lets just say they reckon its a budget bike but the build quality still suks IMO however its a real fun bike to ride

Havnt had the test ride on the LC4 just yet im want to try and sell the ZX6 privatly 1st but the extra tank option seems a definate good option so if all goes to plan this week i should be taking the LC4 at the weekend for a test ride.

Laters Dan

What kind of issues you had?

The bike ain’t gonna be used in winter etc, as I’m a fair weather rider now and i was hoping that would keep the pants build quality issues at bay? Still I only paid £4200 with 0% so I can’t complain too much i guess

I have a Z750 too and test rode the 625SMC today. By the end of the road I thought it was awful (noisy, slow & agricultural not to mention the insane vibrations) but after 5 more minutes I LOVED it and really want one now. Only problem is that Colin Collins only have an LC4 Enduro (with SM wheels included) and the 625SMC demonstrator left so it’s one of those or wait for the new models next year (which will be £1500 more than the current prices, I’m told).

What are your feelings on Husqvarnas (specifically the 610SM) and CCMs (RC30)? Don’t fancy an XT660X before anyone suggest it.

I rode a KTM the other night across town (dunno what it was, it’s a hybrid thing) and it rattled my eyeballs, I couldn’t see where I was going. Sod that everyday I’m sure you get used to it tho… Still, stonking engine, especially with the Akrapovic exhaust.

LC4 bikes are full of vibes!

Huskies are supposed to be good now. They come with the magic 2 year warrenty too!

I’m in love with the 510 at the moment. I already have 2 superM’s though, and my head says if I buy another it should be a 'prilla SVX - they are the way forward.

Sorry to hijack but does anyone know how long the warranty is on a 640 LC4 & what it covers?

I cant wait to get mine now - want 1 with black wheels tho, not sure if there a KTM option or not?

The prestige has black rims - see my reply in other thread for more homo-erotic wheel news.

Ha ha cheers Pete just seen it

Husky 610’s are supposed to be pretty good and more reliable than they were (the older ones have a very bad rep). However I just couldn’t buy a 610 over a 510. I agree with Pete (does that make me a wiredo perv:laugh the 510 in red/white is prob the most sexy tard out there right now and it comes with a 2 yr warranty

CCM…erm, no I just wouldn’t. Some people love 'em but I think the build quality looks tat and the the R30 delivered to be tested against a KTM Duke II turned out to be far from standard to give it a chance. And it still got beat by the Duke

Why not try elsewhere for a 625 if you want one? theres plenty of ads for em in Supermoto magazine at cut prices. Or buy my old bike from Colin Collins, I spent loads on it and it was sweet

LC4’s have 2 year full warranties exactly the same as Jap bikes. 625/660 SMC’s only have 6 month warranties.

ASAIK the only KTM with black wheels as standard is the prestige, but a bloke on VD can powdercoat them for you or anodise them any colour you want

Here’s my old one with powdercoated wheels.



A fine looking machine Sir!