Anyone got any advice...Millenium Falcon is playing up already!

The ancient Blue “you cross the Universe in THAT?” ZX9R that I am currently the very proud owner of is playing up and I wondered if there are any Kwakker owners…or even just slightly old sports bike owners on here that can advise…?

2000 ZX9R E1 - Yesterday, riding through London traffic, the temp starts to rocket. I know I was doing some periods of slow riding with engine revs, and when I started riding again, getting air through her, the temp did come down.

HOWEVER, this is mid winter…ok its not freezing, but when sitting at lights the temp was shooting up really quick to over 104-105 and kicking the fan in. If this is mid winter and she’s doing this, she’s gonna be much worse in the summer. So my question is

Is this a prob, or is this normal? Can anyone tell me normal operating temps so I’m less nervous when the needle crosses the 100C mark?


Ta, TobyWan

In the big book of Falcon Repair the temps are

Fan on at 96c to 100c

Fan off at 91c these are for both the C and E models

And the Falcon factory say temp anywhere between 60c to 100c depends on use

Cheers Mick, I saw those, but is the temp goin so high in winter not-too heavy traffic conditions normal. Christ if she’s overheating now…what’s she gonna be like come summer time?

What sort of temps should I be looking out for that would indicate trouble if 104-105 is acceptable operating and nothing to worry bout?

When ya get a bit of time ya might wanna give the cooling system a flush out and change the blue stuff.

Is she still under the shops wing if she is get them to have a look at her as accoring to Kawasaki 105c is hot as they say 60c to 100c approx

Mine used ta get hot n bovvered I flushed the system and changed the coolant now alot better

She’s second hand.
I gotta a 3 month warranty which runs til April ish, so I’m shaking her down whilst I’ve still got access to that…

I’ll keep an eye on her and if she plays up I’m just gonna let that heat go up a bit and see if the fan brings her back to life…

If that doesn’t work I’ll flush her out and see.

Cheers Mick…oh and if you see me kciking the old dog by the side of Commercial Road, wave as you go by

You don’t really want to let it get too hot because bad things start to happen when the oil gets too hot.

I also reckon flushing the coolant will help.

Also have a look at the oil level. We had a bike that overheated in the middle of the night in the pouring rain on a dual carriageway. Turns out that bike wanted a bit more oil which instantly cured the problem.

Flushing the coolant is good advise and will only take a few minutes. Also if i were you change the oil, if its not been done by shop (and even then we know of shops thats used to just wipe the oil filter rather then do a change), if it hasnt been done god knows how old and tired it will be.

Toby wan time to put that jedi mechanic training into practice! I am here to help you through it…

See you Wednesday!

my advice? use the FORCE!

ok i had to, sorry…

check the fan, if that doesn’t kick in, check the fuse on the fan.

The force is in full effect holding her together.
The Dark Side is dragging her towards the wrong side of the speed limit.
And the fan is working
All help hugely appreciated you lot.
Oil level is good and pretty clean looking considering I’ve razzed a couple of hundred milers out of her already (that’s journey length Officer, NOT speed, )
And the coolant is at proper levels, but a flush could be a good idea.

Macp, perhaps an evening sesh of coolant and oil change might be in order sometime. We can discuss those ideas you had as well for stories…? Chat Wednesday!

Easy bloke, Toby

Sounds like a plan…