Anyone got a spare SATA hard drive I can have/borrow please?

Windows has finally decided that it doesn’t like my Windows 7 / Vista dual boot, and has killed both OSs. I am pretty certain that the hard drive is still intact, but I have a whole load of data on it that I need to get off, so I cannot wipe the drive and start again. I now that long term I want to get a new 2TB drive, but that’s £80 that my wife won’t let me spend. So, in the meantime, does anyone have a drive going spare that I can load a new Windows 7 OS on so that I can get at the data on my old primary drive? I don’t mind paying for the postage, I don’t mind if its small (just big enough to take a Windows 7 OS), I don’t mind if its only a loan, just does anyone have anything like this going spare please?