Anyone got a knackered ducati monster or yamaha v max battery (YB16AL-A2)

Hello all

Am currently experimenting with bike batteries and need a couple of these batteries to attack. Got one doing nothing and you werre going to take down to the tip?

I have a dead 1997 F650 Funduro battery you are welcome to if that is any use to you? It’s a YB12AL-A2.

Located EC2

I’ve got old ones from a V-rod YTX14, & from a bandit which is YTX9…

I’ve got a decent when last used 2007 650 Bandit battery in the shed. (You’ll have to look it up on the web for the type/size. It’s too cold and I can’t be ars(k)ed to go down to the shed.

Your welcome to that.

PM if interested. Hand over at BH tea hut.

Got an old one off my NTV 650 you can have if you want, don’t know the specs but it’s in the shed so can check tonight when home if you want…