anyone got a g1 or g2 zx6r

not sure if i got the g1 or 2 thing right but around a 99 zx6r.

i just bought a bike with a 99 zx6r rear end on it and the front seat is home made and really really horid, is there any chance someone with a zx6r could take some photos of how it locks in to the subframe and wear it clips on at the front by the tank.

cheers for any help =]

or if anyone has a spear zx6r seat they would lend me for a few days to size it up and see if i can get it to fit

I’ve got an a1p, I’m away at the moment but I’ll take some snaps when I get back

cheers mate =]

i had 2 up until last night…

you need to unlock the rear seat first with the key then theres a 10mm bolt take it out and clamp will come lose, so take clamp out and seat comes straight out… remember how it came out as has to go back same way

well the front seat on mine just pull’s off lol so needing to see what i need to attach it correctly =] the rear doesn’t have a lock either just a cable lol so ordered what looks like a similar one from a buell