Anyone got a front fairing for a cbr 600 fy (single headlight) ??

Managed to snap both front indicators and the fairing they were attached to, hence I’m on the look out.


I put my indicators inside my RAM AIR scoops. Looked sleek…

Hmm, Thats a good idea, to get it back on the road.


i know someone selling a track fairing off a f4i that should fit… PM if you want there details

Track fairings dont have holes for lights etc do they?

Might end up “fightering” it Shame theres not “fighering kits” (I’m not creative)

Yer would need to be cut…

Think if was kits would take the fun out of customising your own bike lol

If you wanted to make a start tho if you change top and bottom yoke to a 929 or 954 which go straight in no problems then you can have 50mm forks… So can put r1, 636 or blade front ends in just if your going full faired can hit front fairing…

how bad is the damage? what about repairing the fairing?

streetfighting a bike is easy, sometimes more expensive than you think. and the twin 'dominator" lights are rubbish in the dark…

I’ll post up pics when I’m allowed to stop looking at wedding venues and escape from the whole wedding planning vortex/death spiral.

I’m tempted to try for some of those ebay kits.