Anyone going to Novice (sessioned) trackdays?

Want to do my first track day, but so far no luck on finding a track-day mate.

anyone got a trackday booked or looking to book one, Can I go with you?

preferably someone going to Novice group :smiley:


i’ll be booked my 2nd one (novice) but i doubt i’ll fit it in this year with the weather but I’m looking to go next year probably to Brands again

cool, let me know if you got anything booked. I am hoping to do as much trackdays as possible before Feb 2011, coz I am going to leave UK then.

although not in novice i’ve booked silverstone for this monday, brands on the 27th and then silverstone again on the 08/11. if you book any of these let me know and i’ll look out for you.
don’t worry about not being with anyone you know (i went to my first one on my tod and its not as daunting as you may think)…you’ll meet many folks there. I also find not riding with others to be better as it allows you to simply concentrate on your own riding rather then riding in a pack/group (which is a no no on trackdays anyway).

thanks, Vala, cant do this monday, but interested in 27th on brands, can you tell me which company?

booked 2 novice only trackdays now. looking to book more.

TRACKDAY :: Full Day
Friday, October 22, 2010 - Cadwell Park Full Ci
TRACKDAY :: Full day
Monday, October 25, 2010 - Snetterton

It’s with Focused Events mate and is £99.

so not only cadwell as your first trackday on your own, but Snet as your 2nd 3 days after? punchy :wink:

I booked myself in for the snetterton on the 25th - It’ll be my first time on a track and will be going on my tod… looks like quite a boring a track, but maybe a good one to start off with. At £59 can’t go too wrong!

might see you down there