anyone going to Farnborough airshow this weekend?

Theyve even got the worlds first airshow appearance of the Lockheed F22 Raptor…

Sounds good, wish I had the time :frowning: grrr

anything with engines :slight_smile:

There’s a garden centre near me with a very nice display of lawn mowers and strimmers, most of which have little engines, interested in a visit ? ;):stuck_out_tongue:

only if they have oak barrels…

(stace will know wot i mean :wink: )

you going sat or sunday?

poshibly! havent got much cash but i may be tempted!:smiley:

I’m trying to convince my other half to take me! I think we’re going on Sunday (if I succeed), is the same stuff on both days??? :slight_smile:

I can watch it from my back garden… that delicious BBQ smell your be getting a wiff off!.. thats all mine! :smiley: although show an LB sticker and I might do you a HotDog! :wink:

Im easy babes, dont mind which day, if you wanted to come could go Sunday.

LOTS of shiny bits, engines, propellars etc to take nice black and white shots… :wink:


I’d love to come but my plane spotting anorak is in the dry cleaners :smiley: :wink:

plane spotting is one thing, but this airshow is definately something else…

all that noise, all that power, the moves, all those shiny pieces of metal :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :smiley:

I forgot Ricky, you like pieces of plastic that sit and dont go anywhere dontcha? :w00t::w00t::w00t:

No i want to go :frowning: cos i booked time of for RIAT couldn’t get this weekend of aswell! Take lots of pics for us who can’t go.

F-22 was only there for the monday, it is not there for public displays :frowning:


Got a free ticket so am going down this afternoon - got to be better than working!

riding there on sunday

Anyone go? Post some piccies :slight_smile: