Anyone going to Donington this weekend?

I’m heading up there next weekend and just wondered who else might be attending. I’m planning an early start to get some pictures in and am hoping it’ll be every bit as close as it was yesterday! Weather says there’s a chance of showers though :frowning:

Hey Iain!

In case you don’t get to chat with James Toseland or Nicky Hayden, why not ask some questions on this thread -


Have a good one!

I’m planning to ride up Saturday morning. Does anyone know a good route from London, something other than the M1?

I’m riding up early Sunday morning, but will be taking the M25/M1, taking the most direct route to get there as quick as poss!

A1 is not a bad ride ,going thursday night after work ,hope this week end is not a wash out :w00t:


there is about 20 of us meeting at 6 30am sunday morning, in sloane ave, chealsea. outside ET scooters, anyone and everyone is more than welcome to come along.

see you there…

We’re having to miss it this year! :crying:

Have fun m8.