Anyone going to Ace tonight?

If so, will see you there from about 8. :slight_smile:

Sorry hun, I’m working from home today on a massive project. And besides that, it’s horrid out there :frowning:

See you soon though x

Yeah catch up soon luv…It’s been ages! :slight_smile:

It’s dry at the moment and hoping it stays that way this evening…Skies look clear :unsure:

Road are greasy though :crying:

Ive got gout and i cant get my slippers on let alone a pair of bike boots.

Thats a lame excuse :slight_smile:

Its not lame, its more painfull than a woman giving birth without medical help.

Did you have a painfull time then mate, they say the 2nd one pop’s out :stuck_out_tongue:

yeah well if you got out more and didnt put your feet up, all the time coz u cant be bothered to come out then maybe you wouldnt have this problem ;):stuck_out_tongue:

always quiet on a monday night…

It’s not Newbie Nite :stuck_out_tongue:

Is this a quiz?;):smiley: