Anyone going to Ace tomorrow?

Hi all, just wondering if any1 fancy joinin me at the ace tomorrow…If the weather is gud i’d want to go for a ride:D

no, but riding to brighton with a few mates!

We might call in on Sunday morning before we set off somewhere.

Love to but required at B&Q

Hey, I’m going there for Saturday breakfast with a mate on the way to dropping my bike off for a service. Should be there around 10, look for an orange ktm 640 and a red 1200gs, come say hello if you’re there then. Bit tight on the miles for service reasons, so not sure if we can do an extended ride. Shall see!

You don’t seem too happy about B£Q attendance - do you need a snatch squad to rescue you?:smiley:

I think it was snatch that got him in that pickle to begin with ^^

I’ll most likely pop down there after lunch, I what to test some new settings out and the Ace is as good as any to head to. Be there around 2 I think.
Come and say hello if your there, I,LL be on the Black GSXR1000 K8, Black & white lid, Black & greyish leathers, Puma boots,blue gloves.

cool stuff woo woo, I get down there and look for ya.I’ll be riding a black - graphite zzr600, wearing dark camouflage combats and a black hoody with a No Fear backprint and a black Arai:D oh and black sidis:P