Anyone going Sunday 14th September - Brighton Burn Up

Anyone going, newbie looking to tag along…

Should be there somewhere. 00:00:00

got me looking…mm:)

hope to go, was cracking time last year :slight_smile:

I missed last years but went for a couple of years previous, hope to make it this year as it’s usually a lot of fun! :smiley:

Timbo mate its BEXHILL you want for your zimmer burnup with the fogies :):D:P

Missed last year because of the football, but will defo be going this year:D

I’d like to go but it’s my 18th on that day.

should be among this

Top day, worth making the effort for - there are usually a few other meeting places? I went from Epsom a few years back

Tagged on with an Angels chapter - that was an eye opener - good bunch though - pulled up at a set of lights, one of them looks at my ride ( 900SS Duke at the time) and says 'mate - mate, there’s summit wrong with your forks ’

I look down say ‘what’s wrong with them?’ - he says ’ they’re too fookin short!’.

Roundabouts were fun too - Big bloke on rat bike rides onto roundabout simply stops all the traffic so the chapter can ride through! Top!

and theres somewhere better to spend it? i think not, lol

Passing by J8 M1 on route?

From Ace at 10.30ish, west along A406 North Circular Road
to Hanger Laner, then A40 west to M25, south bound
to M23, to Brighton and A23 to seafront road Madeira Drive

…that’s bleedin’ excellent mate, lmao…

Yep, will make it for 5th year in a row

Aiming to

love to try this one as I have heard a lot about it so it’s in the diary :smiley:

This was the first rideout we went on after movin up to london last august . think i may try to be near the front of the ride this time by joining at the target roundabout rather than the ace where its just too manic.
Definitely will be there tho, its a great day out.

Anyone else fancy meeting at mcdonalds, target r’bout, A312/A40 ?.

Sounds like a plan. I’ve never done it, this’d be my first ride out. What time do you reckon, at McD’s?