Anyone going down to boxhill on sunday?

The weather forecast is crap, but still you never know. As I can’t make it friday night because i’m at work and i’m not working until 5pm on sunday figured might as well try to head down to boxhill.

Anyone else fancy it?

i may be up for a blast out on sunday! Rain dependant though! cold I can handle just dont fancy the rain.

Hi there,

I’m usually up for a blast but I’m away this weekend. Sorry. Make sure you post up when you’re thinking of going as I’m usually around Box as is Jamie (Nuts)

On the off chance, how will we recognise you?

Um, I don’t know, I’ll be in black leathers on a black bandit 600…? but if anyones going from this area we can just meet up at the ace or something?

thats ell be 2 black bandits then :cool:

i’ll be there if its not raining…will be on my blue bandit 600…we could have a bandit fest…get el diablo out on his rocking street fighter bandit…

sounds good to me. And if it does rain which is quite likely we could reschedule for the following weekend.

I wish, bike is still not well!

I’ll be maybe popping along in the afternoon, provided it’s not raining… hopefully

hi. if you want to detour and meet me in slough/windsor I can take you to Box Hill through some amazing back roads: slough-windsor-ascot-bagshot-farnborough-hindhead-guildford-dorking-box hill.

it’s about 70miles long but well worth it! let me know asap!

think i’m already thinking of ducking out on this as the rain is still misrably hitting the conservatory roof relentlessly. however I’d be well up for the detore another weekend! provided its open to all! and not just cute gals who go by the name rockerchick :wink:

lol. yr always welcome mate :slight_smile:

Had no rain here today (Hampton). Nice dry roads. Went for a little spin around Heathrow to have a look at the 777 someone parked in a field…

Myself and one other will probably be at Box about mid day ish if the weather is looking good tomorrow. PM me if you want to meet up.

Well I think i’ve replyed to the message, but maybe I just keep on pm’ing the wrong people, i’m not really sure. :blink:


It’s sent, finally, bloody computers

Might have a ride down from the Ace cafe just after lunch :stuck_out_tongue:

so is anyone gonna be at the ace around luchtime ? I know it aint boxhill but the ace is halfway for me :slight_smile:

Gonna be there bout 10.30