anyone going bourough market this wednesday (22nd) the thundercats making its first apperance!

is anyone going bourough market this wednesday? gonna pop down for a coffee and meet everyone !


Would have loved to mate but its me and missus 4 year ani. I have not been down yet myself. Should make it next week though.

If I can finish at a decent hour tomorrow then I’m defo coming along :slight_smile:

I’ll hopefully be along. Provided I can sort the YBR.

Too far for me unfortunatley, although next time I’m working in London on a Wednesday I will be there or the next weekend thing…

All depends what time I finish work… at the moment seems unlikely…

I dont think there are many people with thundercats on the forum. I know i will be at BH Tea Hut. But i’ve just had my eye surgery done yesterda. So will need to wait for my appointment later today to find out if i can ride or not.

Looking forward to being a bit stupid with my new equally stupid exhaust :P.

cool, is there wednesday meets at the tea hut aswell then? thought it was only at bourough market, ouch dude sounds painful what happened

You have a choice on a wednesday…Ace or Borough market or blackheath teahut