Anyone from Isleworth??

Is anyone here from Isleworth that would take a look at a bike on ebay for me??

Its a CBR600FS and not sure if its worth bidding on, dont fancy going all the way to Isleworth for a pig.
Obviously you need to know what to look for on a bike and not just go and say it looks nice :slight_smile:

I live in Isleworth, but I know nothing about how bikes work so I guess I’m of little help! :frowning:

lol, that was a waste of typing haha

I know, I feel like I should be helpful - I can make sure the guy isn’t a scally for you? If I don’t reply ever again assume its dodgy and do not bid :smiley:

Bang2Rights might be selling his 600FS soon. it’s even repsol orange for you!

lol and here is the link to Bang2Rights selling his