anyone for an icecream??


well done :hehe::smiley:

Heheheh, the guy’s like ‘WTF??’ hehehe, nice :smiley:


Thats really cool :slight_smile:

I would have got so impatient for the ice cream I would have climbed over the counter and got it myself! I dont mess around when it comes to ice-cream…

Would have been laughing watching though… :D:D

OK, for a couple of seconds I would have thought, thats clever, then I’d just say give me the F*%king Ice cream already, you’re seriously peeing me off!! :wink:

I hope he had clean hands before he started touching my cone:w00t:

That’s amazing, Turkey’s got talent. (shame he probably gets paid minimum wage tho).

lmao :slight_smile: