anyone for a rideout today...?

Hey anyone facny a rideout today… from the ace cafe…

Only problem is I’m on a 125cc (L Plates) :smiley:


I am the ace NOW, going to leave soon for a short ride… 07931 ooh someone might be able to see my number…not that it’s not on my facebook, my three websites, my flyers, my business cards, my google advertising, my posts on gumtree etc etc…807 if you’re coming

See you there…

Is this a wind-up?:blink:

I bet somebody’s already cloned it and is selling it on ebay… :w00t:

I’d have to give a **** for that to be a problem!

Call me! x


Edited the original post :cool:

P.S.: It was a good ride in the end, some nice roads out Wheathampstead/St. Albans way, then into Barnet to meet the North Londoners

Thanks Alex and Tom for a great ride… really enjoyed it.

Lastmintue but excellent.

cool for cats, must do it again!

Since it started as a random pick of roads off the satnav and could have gone very badly, it worked out ok in the end! Glad you enjoyed it Appletwist, hopefully you didn’t mind us flying off into the distance from time to time on the lanes.