Anyone for a drink?


How very rude of me, didnt even think to ask!

Whats everyone drinking?

Jeni x

Come to the Ace cafe tomorrow night and i`ll let you buy me a tea.

pint of high octane please

Well Helllllllloooooo

Why hellooooooo to you too

Oooooh…nothing stronger?

Jeni x

my drinks a pint of coke

Errrmmmm…sorry ginger but i refuse to buy you coke! You will have to have a pint at least!

Ive never seen a pissed dwarf before

Jeni x

A White Russian please

pint of larger please

BTW gingers not old enough to drink anything stronger than coke


I will have…

A Bailey’s, and then mmm a Brandy and Coke, and then um perhaps a Southern with Lemonade, especially if you are buying DD…


Ann x

Alright weeannie! Dont milk it!

Jen x

Gin and bitter lemon for me please with ice and a slice…Fanx

Aaaahhh…A girl after my own heart

A pint of redbull for me please. Might help me stay awake this morning

ah a pint of bitter,a double diamond of course


Just milk for me, hee hee.


Jeni x

A large JD and coke please, closely followed by a shot of tequila for all the LBers - well you are buying after all