Anyone feeling helpful


Need some help. (Shit interweb)

Hiring a bike for 3 weeks today. Need advice on

  1. Decent software for mapping on a tablet which can work with no interweob on road
  2. Buy some gear (helmet etc) near Cusco or Arequipa. In Peru.





Haven’t you got Here maps installed on that from the last time you asked?


Or OsmAnd


Took it off cos it was too Hi g, and didn’t seem to work offline


Loaded Mapsme so if you here of a bri t lost in the Andes…eaten by Andean wolves


How about google maps?

You can download offline versions and use them as you would online.

Download google maps

In search bar at top, click the 3 lines on the left

At bottom of the menu, click offline maps



Enjoy Peru Blue


Another vote here for Google Maps with downloaded maps.

Might also be worth getting a local data SIM for emergencies.


Nearly came a dropper to some Alpacas today. Stupid fckers just run out from anywhere!

Mapsme proving idiot proof so far. Though came within a few miles of running out of petrol, which would have been fun.

Also had my first Andean Bush dump earlier. Dropped the kecks and let gravity take over!


Your not carrying spare fuel??


What do you think :slight_smile:

Fuel shortages today so got 3 days to find some or I’m stuck in Arequipa…


Just Googled Peruvian problems and read all about their fuel shortages, food shortages, water pollution, soil erosion and deforestation problems. What you doing out there acclimatising for Brexit?

On a serious note no real need to worry Peru is a stable country. Traveler’s don’t need to worry about the government collapsing or the country turning towards civil war. Peru is a far safer place than Mays Britain :frowning: