Anyone feeling generous :-)

Fundraising page set up for Lands End John O’Groats cycle ride. Local foodbank. Any questions fire away :slight_smile:


Done you mad git. :crazy_face:

Cheers Kevsta. Done about 2000 miles in lockdown so hopefully on track :slight_smile:

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Done, good luck Nick!

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Cheers Paul. Menus should be ok as the Scots are easily understood! Or not…

Fckers just cancelled it.

Sorry to those who donated. If you want a refund - not sure I can get one tbh.

2500 fcking miles of sore arses I’ve done to get fit for this. Not happy.

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Jeez that’s a pain but possibly not unexpected considering what’s going on.

As for your time and effort in getting fit of this, you’ve done amazing to get to this position where you’re ready to complete event such as this. Not something I’d fancy do myself.
I’m impressed by what you’ve achieved!!! :+1:t2:

No refund needed Nick, make sure it goes to the right people.

If the twats had cancelled it 2 months ago, fair enough.

These pricks wait til til lockdown is lifted, all hotels and pubs are open, and now they decide to bin it.

Cos some prick hotelliers cant cope with 16 guests. Good luck when your turning away guests guys…

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I wonder if the hotel’s have cancelled because they can now charge more money for PPE and “Covid compliant” services?

It does look as if it has been binned due to the hotels. We redkon it is probably their unease at sitting 16 for dinner, socially distanced…

That or the Scottish hotels not being able to say 100% they will be open and happy to take English punters.

Actually that’s a good point. I did have a look today about whether I can go to Wales or Scotland, but from what I could find the answer is no.

We are back on :slight_smile:

George found an alternative company and we got the last 2 places!


Do you have a route & dates?

Start on Sat in 2 weeks time. We are supposed to get the route this week.

It is basically up west side of England and then West coast of Jockland. 1250 miles so defo not the shortest route…

Can you post it here when you have it?

For sure

Overnights are

Penzance (Before we start)
-> JOG -> Inverneess

Looks like the training has been paying off Nick

Jesus that’s some seriously duff riding.