Anyone fancy to help?

I need someone who is not afraid of pipes and have some experience to swap washing machine.
Time to be confirmed, tools welcome.
Hopefully simple as plug and play but if I was sure about it I wouldn’t ask for help.

In return I can offer, smile, hug, hot beverage and 1 free EvilBlade’s coupon, which you can exchange for: polish - english -polish translation, funny “Cold war” story, IT help/advise.


it’s so easy it’s not even funny.

It’s all colour coded, just shut the valves off where the coloured pipes connect to the copper ones, you should then be able to unscrew the pipes from the machine (there will be a little bit of water, so have a small jug ready. Pull the waste pipe out of the pipe it will be pushed into, pull the old machine away, pop the new one in, reconnect all the colour coded bits back up again, turn the shut off valves back on, pop the waste pipe back in, check for leaks, plug the machine in and push it home.

If I was local I’d come and do it for ya as I could do with a hug, but you’ll be fine.


Thanks Rich :slight_smile:
I was just worried about “pipes”, I don’t worry about cables as I have engineering degree in electricity related “things”. But pipes sometimes are a bit “voodoo” for me regardless to deep understanding of fluid mechanics.

I’ll give it a go then :wink:


ps. besides, you have like 100 of EvilBlade’s coupons already, watch out for “valid” date :wink:

It really is super easy - but I’m happy to help if you need it…

just be carefull when pulling or pushing the machine once the inlet hoses are screwed on as the plastic 90degree end on the inlet hose are very brittle and can snap resulting in a lot of housework and mopping. plus side is a squeaky clean floor :smiley:


Well, I pretended long enough that I can’t do sh… like that, so Mrs ordered delivery will be with “connection”.

Apology guys for making fus…


I’m fairly sure you lost some man-points somewhere along the line…:stuck_out_tongue:

It is the most easiest of things to do. As long as you have the plumbing - pipes and valves in situ then it’s a piece of p1ss. Hardest job is getting the machine out of all the packaging :smiley:

I’m always saying exactly the same when someone is shaking with his broken IT stuff :slight_smile: But yes in that case it probably takes me more time to disconnect old one than put new one.