Anyone fancy getting Dirty?? (on the Bikes, 12th or 13th December)

My little KTM Project is now all finished, I want to stick the enduro wheels on it and go try it out on some green lanes this weekend. I have no idea where to go so if any of you Off Road boys know of anywhere local and fancy a bit of a play at the weekend i’d love to come join you.

Please bear in mind i’ve only ever ridden properly off road on the Dave Thorpe day so am a complete novice, i’m more than happy to try out an advanced section but you will have to bear with me as i will be coming off loads and probably won’t be too quick, but i love to test myself and am a very quick learner and will listen to all the advice anyone gives me without feeling silly.

Also i need to point out i do not have a Trailor or a van yet so will need to ride to the Lanes on the bike (Unless anyone local has room in a Van/Trailor and doesn’t mind a tag along, i will happily chip in for travel costs)


Have a wicked day where ever you end up…


OK, i will edit it…

Come to think of it, I got that on the GoPro… :slight_smile:

We need to see that footage :grin:

There’s a boatload of lanes around Essex apparently. The Herts TRF people are pretty good at organising rides every weekend, and I’d be surprised of the Essex one’s far behind. Herts is mostly on Facebook, though, which I think you’ve an aversion to?

Lol, yes not a FB fan.

Mario from Herts TRF is excellent fun .,. they will run newbie runs … but you will need decent tyres this time of the year …We are off for hard enduro in West Wales this weekend … with some mates from Surrey TRF … so once the bug bites … .you wont be free from this addiction !!


I’ll look up Herts TRF now

also the folks from herts …get in a van and come ride the surrey hills and down to hampshire … so you will know box hill /rykas from road biking … same area and south … still lots of decent stuff to do around the devils punch bowl … certainly will test a novice … esp on a 525 !!

cool. i’m gonna try and get a few BCR’s in before i get into doing road riding on it with people i don’t know

i dont do faceache either … but they do send out a newsletter via email … surreytrf forum … that is where our runs are posted


Armit, let do believe Chris called custard

I can’t do this weekend, but once crimbo is over my back should be better for some offroading :slight_smile:

can i upload video from my iPhone to here?

upload it to youtube or vimeo then put it on here

Sorry, not the best quality as put the phone up against the monitor…

Need to give the video to someone who can edit the whole thing !!

Surrey lanes are good fun for novices… can do them on a supermoto even in winter but a bit slower. After latest rain you may struggle a bit on road tyres but still doable. I had a Google map for them somewhere…

Essex Kent have a lot apparently.

Try scouring local council sites for maps that show them (they were on surrey site) also sites like or 'find that path"

Just be warned they’re not easy to gauge and for a first time best to go with someone in case you get stuck…

Sam will manage… just look at him pick that bike up :wink:

lol, the brake lever was stuck in the mud, thats why it was a struggle to lift :slight_smile: