Anyone fancy a ride tomorrow (13-5-23)

Meeting north (of) london somewhere at 930, ride some bikes into the countryside, maybe an ice cream by the seaside, and probably a steam train for good measure.
Ive not planned much yet, so am open to requests. Let me know if you’re interested and ill make some more details.

too short notice for me I’m afraid mate, enjoy though

Hi Roni,

I’m interested. Weather forecast is very good. But I would need to be back in London in the late afternoon; I could always duck out along the way.

TBH i could do with being back in the late afternoon, though I’m not making promises that I will.

How does this sound?
About 130 miles, meeting at Epping tea hut. Furkot thinks we’ll be back near Epping for 4 (and we can adapt things if running late)


Cool, that looks good :+1:

09:30 at the Tea Hut?

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Yeah, ill get there for 930

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Saw this post this morning and got to the Hut about 10 min. ago.

Adrian I’m there now. Red Supersport.

Nice route @Boris book marking this!! I’d def recommend fish and chips at Mersea Island

A very nice route indeed @cooltempo. Thank you @Boris for putting it together and leading.
Decent weather (cloudy, but no rain), great company. A thoroughly enjoyable day! :smiley:


That was a great day out thanks to @Boris for proposing and leading, nice to meet you @AdrianD. Weather was perfect and the pace was spot-on.

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Thanks for coming along, it was a good day out.

We had a go through an infamous ford, lunch on a train had someone take photos of us!

(they start here and go right)

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there are some stills from my camera here!

let me know if you want the videos to do some actual editing on.

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And here’s the ford

Oh, I like these :+1:

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Its most of the reason i got a gopro