Anyone fancy a ride out tomorrow?

Not working tomorrow and weather permitting thought I would go out for a ride? Anyone want to come along? Location to be decided but I’m in South West London.


Broady and I have been talking about a ride tomorrow but the weather isn’t looking promissing at the moment.

Shall I text you in the moorning Suki? We will have a better picture by then. In the meantime, fingers crossed;)

awww … good life for some. Can you write me a sick note, so I can join you for the ride :smiley:

Yes wil do. Who do you want it sent to?:D:D:D

Yes please do. The forcast is better for the morning than the afternoon!

I’m not getting up at 7am… no way pedro;):smiley:

Just being helpful! lol:D:D

The rain is only light showers anyway, even if you do get showered on you’ll be dry again in half an hour and the sun will be back out.