Anyone ever taken part in any Competitions?

I am abit of a geek at heart and just got invited to a competition in Holland for the 2nd time over 5 years as I’m getting pretty good at a certain game(ranked 30th in the world at the mo)

People that are above are dedicated to playing(5 hours EVERYDAY) yet I only manage that a week if I’m lucky.

Just wondered if anyone else has taken part in any gaming competitions?

What game?

Rape Simulator…Japanese version(have you actually played it? mental)



I have been to a few UK lans like i-series for cs 1.6 a long time ago. It is a good laugh, meeting people you have been playing with/against and putting faces to voices. If you end up winning some £££ like I did its a bonus :smiley: too.

Where abouts in holland is the competition based?