Anyone ever rebuilt a REAR shock ? ? ?

Time is not really an issue but wondered how hard can it be? ? ? assuming its possible to D’I’Y it i have plenty of tools so thats not an issue either.
Its a mono shock but they should all be pretty much the same.
Cheers Steve

more internal rebuild

fleebay search for ‘shock absorber pump’ reveals some interesting results

Steve, let me know when you are going to do this and if you want a hand. I wouldn’t mind learning how to do this and ‘two heads are better than one’ etc…

Weekends are best for me

varies from bike to bike whether or not the unit is serviceable. i know on my cbf600 the unit is sealed and the only way to improve it is to throw it in a skip and get a new one!

the shock on the zx9 on the other hand is fully take-apart-able.

I am going to look in to this it cant be more than i can handle lol Thanks for all the replies i am gonna check prices first for the parts to service it. Looks like Yamaha will be getting some money off me for once lol