Anyone ever been to Singapore?

I’m currently stuck out here on a 2 week stint, and I’ve been staring at bikes seeing as mine is locked up in London and I’m stuck walking everywhere.

I’ve noticed something odd on most of them - a gray box wired into the electrics, normally mounted on the left bar, or somewhere close to it - just wondered if anyone knew what this is ?

I’ll post a picture later.

Could it be a speed warning device like the one that goes bing in the taxis when they exceed the limit? Which they do all the time, so the whole journey sounds like someone’s pushed an entire percussion section off a cliff…

Is THAT what that freaking noise has been? That’s useful to know…

I think I’ve worked it out - it’s some sort of automated toll paying device apparently.

ERP - Electronic Road Pricing, as you say, it is a means of paying tolls and controlling what types of vehicle use which roads and when.

When I went all the Taxis were Nissan Cedrics and they had a quaint ‘ting’ if they went over a certain speed.

Have you been to Sentosa Island yet ?

Get yourself to Orchard Towers for an interesting night out :wink:

Yep that’s it. There’s a congestion charge area in the city centre.

Been there a few times. Usually for 1 or 2 days of constant sweating on the way back from Oz or NZ.

They seemed to me like a pretty good idea when I was there because they’re prepaid and they work for mutli storey carparks etc and you can add credit at newsagents etc. Saves a lot of faffing around remembering to pay, finding the machine, machine broken…

When they’re mounted on a bike they are an eyesore though.

I think I’ll pass on that - had enough ‘interesting’ conversations here already, thanks! :stuck_out_tongue:

Decided to skip Sentosa - We just got back from a week of diving in the red sea, so the aquarium didn’t sound that interesting, and a week after I get back, I’ve got a week on a world heritage site beach to look forward to.

So we decided to spend the free time at East Coast park, the zoo, and the night safari.

I might be a bit too heavy for my bike when I get back - the food here is too good!

I’ll second that.

The zoo is fantastic - definitely worth not missing.

The night safari was the best - the flying squirrels rock when they buzz you low enough to part your hair :slight_smile:

The free roaming orang utans were awesome too, and the lemurs could have been straight out of Madagascar 2 (Uh, yes thank you, it’s my fruit!)