anyone else............

…Find it mind numbingly sh1t on LB latley?


its going to be a long hard winter :doze:

time for more of your videos and images :w00t:

Smiled you out this Sunday? Gonna smear tarmac all over your ass boi! Bring it!

I was out last sunday but your mrs wanted you to stay home…pitty…was a fairly pacey ride at the front…:wink:


tis a bit slow shane have to agree. Bring back Ilz bashing is what I say :laugh:



Nah Shane’s just happy bashing his bishop…


yep, and that’s because i’m not on lb as often as i used to be…and havent been to meet ups in ages, sorry

We need more pant wetting comical threads in the adult section.

Smiled I think you the man for the job.

A bit of Bollywood TV maybe?:slight_smile:

Ooooohhhh the fuuuucking pressure!!!:w00t:


Well you started it matey:P

+1 on the bollywood TV

And where were you on Sunday :hehe:

hmmmm…well somebody tries to start interesting threads on forums but they suddenly get locked for no apparent reason?

thats probably why there’s only a bunch of mind numbing subjects left to talk about without being gagged :angry:

Nah, f*cking great on here:Whistling: all jokes aside…how many peeps on here posted on I-phones before the change of forums?, I for 1 can no longer post from my I-phone so theirs your first issue:w00t:

Surely that could only have improved the situation though? :smiley:

Haha, good point:laugh::laugh:

erm yes.