anyone else want Ginger's drizzle in their mouth?



Haha:DYou wouldn’t want that in your eye would you?;):smiley:

:sick:keep the packet sealed

I knew you’d put anything in your mouth Gab’s…

But it’s not really Wicked cake is it.

:smiley: :hehe: :w00t:

well at least it made you smile and gave us something else to talk about :stuck_out_tongue:

how dry are my lips and how dirty are my hands lol :smiley:

ugh!!! :sick:

Dirty hands and dry lips, that takes me back… :hehe:


whats the ugh!!! for, you were prepared to give me a BLOWJOB at christmas for a certain ticket if i remember rightly

lmao - it’s all out now! :hehe:

Might have been better if he’d kept that to himself:sick:

lol shhhhh!!! wasnt saying ugh at the thought of ginger drizzle, was saying ugh at the photo!!

graphic :w00t:

Not a mental image I wanted! :sick: