Anyone else think this is an attemp to lower the sentence? truly hope the judge see past this, she did not seem to care when inflicking the pain she did, and the misleading of vital help!

I hope she rots in jail ut we all know that in 5-6 years she will be out with a new idenity at the tax payers expense and free to start again…

I hope they all rot in hell after a slow and painful death, poor little lad.

that bit that really gets to me in that letter is : “ive lost everyone thats dear to me” - duh as a result of your evil neglect… she makes it sound like it was out of her control… lock her up and throw away the key… absolutely disgusting…


she could actually be free within 5 years, I think that is discusting!! the jail terms over here are stupid!

15 months for someone riding their bike at over 100 mph
60 months for someone who tortures their own sun to death

where is the fairness in this!!

story here -

with luck they will get whats due to them in jail scumbags that they are

where is the justice?