Anyone else think its a bit off

BSB goes to Brands Hatch 3 times and Oulton twice in a 12 race series…

OK they’re good tracks, but is Palmer collapsing into his own little world or are British Tracks that limited?

What about Rockingham?
or doubling up somewhere else…?

3 times to Brands suits me fine, its 10 minutes down the road… but that’s pretty third rate for a “world class” series… isn’t it?

just wanted to point out what an awesome thread I started here…


Let’s see them race at Lydden hill, that’ll sort out the men from the boys!

thanks Pete, I was hanging out there for almost a month and ended up talking to myself… least now I don’t look like such a JOhnny No Mates, even if I am one, :wink: owe you a pint fella.

Well Jonny No mates.

I looked into this too. Where they have mucked up is that they are going to Brands Indy once and GP twice.

To do this properly I would have split the GP visits up. The first meet should have been brands GP. Middle event should be brands INDy and last event brands GP. That way its like riding at two different circuits at different times of the year. This first meet wasnt meant to be glorious sunshine all weekend (it was lovely stanind getting cooked)

Why have two rounds of brands GP only 2 months and 3 tracks apart??? :crazy:

I’ve been working abroad for most of the last 8 weeks and TBH I’ve not seen the program.

Is Mallory there?

The problem we have here is some of the established circuits have been passed by the performance of superbikes and people aren’t that keen to ride there.

With the exception of the reworked Anglesy (which has access road problems) we have no new tracks. I discount Rockingham as it had issues with the bikes hence they stopped going there.

Spain has FIM approved tracks popping up all over the shop!

Sorry, I forgot about the work at Snetterton. That does represent serious investment.

Yeah the new snet300 is in there

Here’s a radical idea.

Why not have a “road trip” round in Spain or even at Parc Algar.

Private teams could receive help with travel costs. Run BSB and BSS.

I’m sure the Spanish could serve up some support races - maybe their Moto2 guys would turn up.

their “fly away” leg used to be Mondello in Ireland, but that got canned a couple of years backs. Don’t know if it was a cash thing, a course thing, or just Palmer cutting any non-profit tracks from the series withthe furthest away first so he could use the “cost cutting” card