Anyone else play with FIRE?

just wondered if anyone else played with fire?

i spin fire poi and breath fire occasionally
just wondered if anyone else did?


No, we’re all normal :smiley: joking

Errrrrr no…I burn enough hairs off me eyebrows and eyelashes lighting a ciggie without trying to spit flames:pinch::w00t:

im perfectly fine!!! * lights his hand on fire
:crying: ouch

lol what you using? flame throwers?


A lot.

I just like to burn things. I’m perfectly safe with it, but burning stuff is cool.

as in like arson? lol

Not quite arson.

I burned a treehouse once, though. But that was an accident with a firework…

I was into that when i was a teenager…

thats quite awesome

Wondered where you live in London… I play with cameras, not fire, but if you’re up for it I’d love to have a go at getting some photos of you at work… Let me know what you think and if you’re up for it ( <— be advised, its old and am in the process of updating… I want some more action stuff to get a bit more dynamism into the Gallery… lmk when you have a chance eh)

I like putting an excessive amount of lighter fluid on the barbecue if that counts.

yeah id be up for a shoot! depends on weather (wind = bat times lol) unless u have studio with high ceilings.
pm me details :smiley:
plus could i have a copy of the shoot

used to use one of these but haven’t done in years

love fire, always have done. Have bonfires in my garden year-round and have a very big bonfire on the best night of the year, sure you can guess! The one just gone was probably my best yet!

try rennie :wink:

Ba-Doom-Tiskk :smiley:

Many years ago I played in a band and we had a fire-eater bloke. It could be rather hazardous. We also had a er, ‘height challenged’ fellow and on one memorable occasion a black Labrador on stage with us. Fortunately no video evidence survives…