Anyone else having a good bank holiday weekend?

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What did they get?

Bolted down strong box full of power tools, large chop saw chained to the toolbox, heavy breaker, other stuff I haven’t discovered is stolen yet!


Shit news mate.

The same thing happened a couple of years back to the bloke who lives next door to me. It wasn’t just the value of the tools, but being self-employed, it meant he also lost out on a few days of earnings until he managed to get new tools.

Looks like they did a fair bit of damage to the van too. Was that them tearing off the hinges to bypass enhanced security on the locks?

Some people are just cunts. I assume that you reported to the fuzz?

That just really sucks.

Truly shit. Sorry to hear this.

Reported to the Police within a few minutes, were witnesses and an off duty Police woman there, all very helpful, friends of mine ran after the car as it was leaving the park, had a look at them but couldn’t stop them.

Think I’ll get on and order some new tools this afternoon so that I’m not scratching around on Tuesday.

Spent a lot of money on extra deadlocks when I got this van in Feb, not much can stop a big lever.

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That’s crap news, scum are always on the look out and don’t give a damn if they’re spotted in the act.

Loads of this going on now, apparently B&Q/Wickes are prime spots where they are targeting trade vans in the day.

My brother is an electrician. He tells me some of his mates have given up with security and constantly replacing stolen tools with new. Now they just go online and buy them from Gumtree - from dodgy sources of course. One guy he knows actually ended up buying back his own tools but tries to be sanguine about it. He views the Gumtree prices as a tax for being in business.

I’ve had brazen robbery before, they don’t care because they know they’ll get away with it. You wouldn’t believe the number of people who live outside of the law.

The Police are toothless and the CPS will let just about everything go untried. Caught red handed is not enough…I know this because…

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Gutted for you, I’ve had mine stolen a few times off building sites. As said above, it’s the days after trying to remember what you need to replace quickly to continue to do your work.

I hate the thieving element. Utter cretins.

Bastards. Keep an eye out on all the forums and see if you can buy them back, then turn up with the Fuzz.

There is an underclass who think nothing of this behaviour. This country is like Disneyland for thieves, make believe where you can have fun and take what you want because there are no repercussions.

Buying stolen tools is what fuels this behaviour, last time I was robbed I searched for my stuff but saw nothing. With a few exceptions my tools were valuable to me but mostly worn and old, virtually worthless. I’d not buy them back because I know there would be an altercation if i were to meet the thieves.


You’ll find them at a car boot sale. Not a local one though, a few miles away.

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