Anyone else going to Nine Inch Nails at the o2 on Friday?

I’m super excited, just seeing if there’s any other NIN fans on here :smiley:

I am working nearby if that helps :wink:

You’re close enough to hear them but …

Don’t open your eyes you wont like what you see :w00t:

Maybe I will have a quick look lol

I wanted to go, but it was like £70 to get tickets when I looked on Saturday and thats just bonkers!

Yeah, I got my pre-sale tickets months ago for £50 each I think.

Gonna have to sit outside the O2 for hours to get in first and get to the stage.

Dont mind that, just push to the front pi$$ed. Seems to work a treat for the boneheads that attend every gig I go to.

Yes, my mate picked up their ticket and didn’t tell me… To be honest, I’m not a massive fan, but I’d still like to see NIN live

Haha I would do this, but I probably wouldn’t get through, they are great live, I saw them in Sydney when I was 15.

Even boneheads move out of the way of attractive females making progress. How many in your number?

I don’t think they give a crap ha

Just 2 of us.

Would have liked to see them, but alas funds didn’t permit this time. Saw them last time they did O2 (with Gary Numan and Janes Addiction) and at the Astoria (supported by Dresden Dolls - who were stunning) and many many moons ago at Brixton (With Teeth tour I think…) Yeah probably seen them enough already…

Ah yeah, you’ve got Jane’s addiction opening for them. That means you’ll have to put up with Perry’s awful singing voice, though. Is the confuser Dave Navarro still playing with them?

Some card I have with the details of the show on it says Cold Cave are the special guest.

Hmm, I definitely heard it from somewhere. They’re in the UK and usually play with NIN. Maybe you’ll get a treat (sorta)! :smiley:

My gf and I were thinking to go as we do love NIN but it’s out of our budget at the moment :crying:

I know, i’m bloody lucky i bought tickets months ago! And even when i bought them i couldnt really afford it, but stuff it, it’s NIN ha

When the tour was announced I was very tempted to get tickets, but then I had a major attack of being middle aged and sensible. I can remember moshing out to them and throwing my dreadlocks around at the Electric Ballroom in Camden about 25 years ago - some memories are best not re lived!

Ahh come on, you’re never too old for nails! Ha

Hahaha this gave me a chuckle, my poor husband who’s being dragged along will find this amusing ha