anyone else get this pm?

im guessing thats spam, theres nothing really on my profile :hehe:

I got that same email, a moderator needs to look into this issue asap

It’s been done - sorted when it first came to light but they’d sent the PMs by then

Unless you’re getting one today…


What was it all about??

Look, don’t tell anyone else ok, but on weekends, when my wife’s away, I like to dress up in her cheapest nylon flea market clothes and ripped stockings so I can pretend to be a Polish prostitute with a thing for dirty smelly ugly English motorbike riders… I like to call myself Cynthia… the PM was just for you Flats, but I accidentally hit “Send to the whole damm forum”, but don’t worry big smelly boy… you’re the ONLY one I have eyes for… :sick:

Tobes I know what you look like and I’m now picturing you in afore mentioned get up… but strangely I’m not finding the alure… sorry tibes, I mean Cynthia I’m going to have to break your heart…