Anyone else come off?

Got up at about 3am, looked out the window, and hey - no snow, 30 mins later travelling along A2 was like a blizzard, still managed to do 39 miles without any prob, then 400 metres from work, I did a graceful slide down the White City turnoff from the Westway. Even if I say it myself, was quite impressed, might take up ice skating or skiing. Still not much damage to bike, mainly scratches etc, and none to me

Nope, trains are a good way to catch up on sleep! mind you, at 3 in the morning, they are non-existant.

It took me 20 minutes to get the car moving in my cul-de-sac so had I been on the bike the answer to your question would be yes

Glad you are ok

I had a little drop right outside my house - been out for an hour - down to the M25 and back - then within 10 metres of the house did an ever so gentle drop onto fresh snow… small scratches to the alternator cover is about the lot - I’m sure I’ll do worse in Russia!

I dropped my firestorm practicing doughnuts on my patio this morning

Well take care when you are out later as the weather people say its gonna get worse this afternoon…

Rode the R1 about 4 miles to FWR…

People on my road were laughing at me as I waddled with the bike off my drive and onto the road…Good thing about the bike is that you can just let the clutch out a bit and let the idle take you along so don’t have to bother with throttle.

Came close to dropping it when idiot changed lane as I was overtaking, but managed to brake (and pray) enough without sliding.

I’ve had enough off this sh*te weather.

Your all stops short of Dagenham…BARKING!

My bike hasnt moved today, as im not daft enough to ride in the snow.

jp.thought you rode a red snowmobile

Those Westway ramps are really treacherous - even without the snow - I hate the metal expanded sections that are about 8 inches wide… I always seem to slip on them even when it’s a light drizzle.

yea! and the ones just few feet short of the traffic lights, just where you have to brake - who designs these things?

well i gtook the car to work and had to pic up a driver from ruislip when i was driving there i saw a bike down only a 125 i think, i didnt bother stopping to see if he was alright i just carried on as there was already a van and 2 people there to see if he was alright,

fair play to anyone that rode in that weather this morning

ride safe people keep rubber side down

Me thinks it’s nna be worse early tomoz, loads ice about grrrrrr, hurry up summer!

I’m fed up with people on this forum having a go at those that chose to ride their bikes today. If you don’t feel safe then stay at home, I, and others clearly felt comfortable riding in a bit of snow.

I have to ride, dont get the luxury of choosing how I get to work, I take the first trains out in the morn

If I went by car, I’d have to pay congestion charge and would take hours.

You kept that quiet Duncan. Don’t worry your secret is safe with me.


No one was having a go, if you want to ride in the snow it`s up to you. I get concerned if anyone gets hurt if something happens to them if riding in such bad conditions.


Can’t be any traffic at 3am that you filter through?

Can’t be congestion charge at 3am?

But I guess you mean both apply when you come home?

how about when you leave work before 6pm in the zone!