Anyone else being boring and in all night?

I am supposed to be doing a design tonight for a job interview in January which I am not that fussed about but I just can’t get the enthusiasm to do it at all!! Am stuck in sooooooo bored!

LOL Terry, nope, I think you’re the only one! I’m BORED but not BORING…

But anyway,good that you named your problem…


I’m going to bed, lol… Im cream crackered, although the only thing I have to do is pick Jodie up later on tonight! I might actually head to Ace about 8pm, but duno yet!

Hope you solve your bordem mate!!! Oh and I think you, Andrew, Chris and I should go to the boozer again sometime soon!


Sounds like a plan mate meet up after xmas?

Yea sure man, but your guna have to let me know as soon as possible so I don’t arrange anything else!