Anyone Done a Morocco Tour?

Thinking about taking a trip down there in March/April to check it out, hopefully get on a 3 or 4 day offroad desert tour…

Any experiences?

Ta :slight_smile:

I went with this company

If you decide to go it alone they can give you good advice; if you go with them they supply bikes, guide, sort hotels etc.

Rixxy & Cat wrote quite a lot about it on their blog:

Just been reading Rixxy and Cat’s blog. Green with envy. That’s my dream right there.

Went in 2009. If you’re going on your own bike from the UK don’t bother with camping gear and bags as cheap accommodation is everywhere - unless you really do plan to go very far off piste of course.

Me and a mate thinking about riding down there and then renting a couple of KTMs for a few days now instead of doing an organised tour…

Cheers for the tip on cheap accommodation, I’ll look into it as they’ll be less to carry without camping gear etc…