Anyone does sailing?

I was thinking of it for a while and then finally decided to go for a 2 day course with southend on sea council…

Its a basic learners course…but eventually I want to buy my small yatch and sale around uk and europe…is there any lb member a sailor?

I look forward to reading your “Yachtsman Capsized” threads:D

Have fun:cool:

Got my Royal Yaughting Association membership and my RYA Powerboat licence, and also my Safety Boat Operator’s licence… :smiley:

Don’t do sails! Not enough grin factor for me, and far too much like hard work! :stuck_out_tongue: Give me a wacking great big outboard motor any day! :cool:

westie likes playing sailor

I thought it was seaman?

**Don’t do sails! Not enough grin factor for me, and far too much like hard work. Give me a wacking great big outboard motor any day! **

Friggin souless Philistine.

Go for it. Either going to be the best or worst time of you life depending on you.

I loved every minute of it, particularly when the going got tough, except I HATED dinghy’s.

Get into crewed boats as soon as you can. It’s a bit like aquatic rugby. You go through all sorts of things together, sort out the players from the watchers, and then you go and play for real.

just cancelled my RYA membership after 18 years as I havent windsurfed for 5 years due to a back injury, have to say if I could get my confidence back I would do it all again :slight_smile: even the day when I got stuck out in the middle of the Solent with no kit , having to decide whether to swim to the Isle of Wight or back to Hill Head! :w00t:

I love sailing. I used to go dingy sailing when I was younger and my Dad’s now got a 40 ft cat he built down in Cornwall which I go out on when I can, in my opinion far less fun than dingy sailing but the british coast is spectacular from the sea so hope you make it and have a great time!

Really should get myself a dingy again and get back on the water…

Beat me to it! lol

By a DAY! :hehe:


On the ‘Mary Rose’ eh Paul! :hehe:

Got my Day Skipper and Powerboat tickets. Mainly out on my kayak though.

Yeah I am looking forward to it…I went sailing with my dad when I was a kid and the boat got stuck in a storm and we nearly died but there were some good fun moments with it. Also this is not a cheap sport…yatchs are expensive…but you can get some old boats cheaper… I will try to hop in as a crew on some yatch to gain exp…

The last time Paul went sailing they had to get on 2 by 2 ;):smiley:

Just to “stick my oar in” again… :stuck_out_tongue:

Have a look at this site for a bit of water based shenanigans… :wink: