Anyone commute today?

Trust you got some warm gear for the ride home! Would suggest you call home to make sure the kettle is on…going to need it to defrost your dangly bits…

Lets hope…

i wish someone had the kettle on for me! im gonna be back wheel spinning the whole way home ;(

Just popped out to Starbucks for a coffee and it’s bloody freezing out there!!

Don’t be nesh, we had a bit of a squall earlier but it’s barely cold enough to need a jumper, even having spent the afternoon stood half way up a tower crane mast.

Or is something unpleasant on its way that I don’t know about?

are we expecting something apocalyptic?

my forecast still says low of 9, no rain and a 16mph westerly. quite mild for November really

Stayed at home, couldn’t be arsed with work today.

Stayed at home, can’t be arsed with work this year lol

Wasn’t that bad. Although it’s been first day in a few weeks when I’ve had to turn my heated gloves on. Still found orange setting too hot and had to turn 'um down to green. Otherwise, I was perfectly warm enough with thermal liners in gear along with a base layer top and tshirt. At least the rain stopped for the ride home…

Oooh, nesh, that’s a word you don’t hear very often here :slight_smile:

Yep, Hertfordshire to West End… I’ll be doing it through winter too! What’s wrong with you lot?

Hmm my apologies for anyone travelling m25 10-8
Lane closure because i spotted manhole in lane 1 this morning near junction 9 without half its cover …

Was warm enough. Halvarssons. I might put the lining in the trousers, but it is not cold enough yet… Heated grips and toasty hands.