Anyone brave enough to ride in this morning?

Proper cold!

I’m supposed to be heading to the Dark North this evening, gonna see if I can get away with getting that over with at about midday…

Yep, just 4 miles but I did it

not that cold BL you’re getting soft :smiley:

Yeah, need to sort out my cold fingers though

yep, its all about the layers to keep warm.

Frosty as it was today I think I was warmer than I was last night - mainly because I actually remembered to layer up and put on my neck tube thing before I set off.

I was so scared I whipped the battery out and threw it on a trickle charger inside!

On the tube today… so I can have a pint after work, nothing to do with the temperature :wink:

Had to get the big gloves out. It was a bit chilly out here in Essex but the roads were dry so mostly OK, only icy where there’s the occasional run-off from a field.

Tube day today and yesterday…when it’s not fun, it stays parked…

but chilly out in Essex

but still in summer gloves

Just about made it with all my fingertips still attached. Changed to winter gloves for the first time this winter yesterday but there are pretty much useless. So today I put an extra pair of gloves. Didn’t work. I was told today to try wearing rubber gloves underneath. I’ll be trying that out tomorrow.

Y’all wimps better get the muffs and heated grips sorted this weekend as it will get colder still.

If you wear latex/rubbergloves for any long period your hands will get very clammy and cant breathe this can lead to a few health issues inc nail fungus … bacterial build up in wounds and possible dermatitis .

null TyrantLizard
can't argue with this

No such thing as bad weather, just bad gear. 

Was absolutely fine this morning, coming in from Dagenham. Maybe not as bad as outside M25, but with a few layers and heated gloves I was perfectly comfortable. Gloves got too hot, had to turn them down a notch. Just had a little condensation on pinlock from where the outer visor and pinlock had gotten cold, but no biggy. I really don’t mind these cold dry bright days, with a few layers it’s still great biking weather. Had a blast out into Essex on Wednesday with Mary on her newly lowered bike, acclimatizing after not properly ridden in 15 years, was similar temperatures then.

Just watch out for drivers in totally steamed / iced up cars unable to see a thing!

I was find … riding in from Kent to London

Heated gloves, and textiles kept the cold a bay! :)

Ouch, bad news!
I’m very proud of my long nails.