Anyone at the ace tonight? 8/9/

Karen and I will be there from 6pm ish onwards see you there if you can make it

making a very quick entrance - just to meet someone and then off…

Our company and smiley faces not enough to keep your company these days

Im meeting Sam and co at 830 onwards…ill prob be there for 9

I’ll be there from about 8ish. Westie’s making an appearance too

i shall pop down later but may go to poppins first

Cool people see you there


Poppins, Ace, Frith, Bed, in that order…unless…

I shall be making an apperance too. well its been a while

Although I’ll be on my stealth, not tigger. Trying to get used to him before my trackday on monday

with all due respect to the “been-there-done-that” of the Ace some of us are going to be making an appearence at the Hut in Blackheath so… if anyone fancy a bit of the other so-to-speak-venue!! see you there

Maybe …

I got a mate to get my old girl outta mothballs (1966 420 S) and we are looking at the oil pressure today…if she is up to it I might let him take her for a run and make an appearance and say hello !!

Not to mention a few Thank you,s to you Guys and Gals that have helped me out over the last week !!!

Good Good!!!

Its all good !

Should be there around 8ish. See you then.

probably won’t be at the Ace, but will see the hardcore who end up at Frith

Fridays rock!

hope you cleaned your bike

i’ll be there for 8ish i reckon

Gotta head to wycombe feed a cat then blitz up there for just after 8

Busy night, Poppins, Ace, Bricklane and Frith. Ah its all good fun until you hit a went manhole cover and the bike tries to eject you

Detoured…Party…Feel rough…Just got in…Going to Bed !!