anyone at the ace tomoz night?

cant say the forecast is looking peachy but then again, when does it these days ?will be down there early evening, hopefully see a few of you!

yea depending on work i might be down there

Yeh like last week ;):smiley:

Should be the normal crew there :wink:

and me…paul wont be going :smiley:

cant help it if some mong is sick and i gotta cover thier sorry a$$

curtis (17/01/2008)

cant help it if some mong is sick and i gotta cover thier sorry a$$[/quot you talking about jp

:laugh: You lot are sooo wicked LOLOL


wonder if I find it quicker on my own lmao will see what the weather doing :slight_smile:

you on pauls keybord:P

I cant trust the bike enough to take it out at night, but once its fixed i`ll be back.


Hopefully the weather will allow me to use my bike tomorrow so I can pop in on the way back from work. Hopefully :wink:

Given up a game of poker tomorrow night so it better be worth it;) maybe someone else will turn up on a bike aswell:P:P

I should be there, if I wake up in time… :w00t:

Not in the Van this week then J ? I’ll be on me bike mate :wink:

Back where ? Surely you’ve got to have been somewhere to be back :Whistling:

And do’s your King of the Scoots know when it’s dark :stuck_out_tongue:

My mate is of to Oz for a year so I have to see her off to the airport 1st but I might see you all up there later :smiley:

Alright Arnie :rolleyes:

I’ll be out tonight :smiley: Gonna be proper hardcore and even come if its raining hard!!

So john, when did you get a bike?? You finally got rid of that scooter then, scooter boy! :stuck_out_tongue:

Am finishing late today, and got soaked once today already, don’t need it again :smiley: :cool:

There’s no need for that Ben, LB welcomes all bikers, wotever they ride…scoots have 2 wheels to you know, unless they got 3 like Jim’s :wink: