Anyone after some TT ferry tickets? 5th June - 13th June?

My brother’s got a pair of tickets he now can’t use. They are:

Liverpool -> Douglas leaving 0600 5th June
Douglas -> Heysham leaving 0730 13th June

He’s after face value, which he thinks was “about £250” but he’ll
check. He’s Joel, and you can get him on 07739173790, or message me here
and I’ll pass it on.

Is that £250 each or for the pair? Will he split the tickets?

I think the pair, and I guess it depends how desperate he gets; which one do you want?

I’m on the 0600 5th sailing…that’s gonna be tough!

I think the question was pair of tickets meaning two outbound and two return tickets and would he split them.
But from your reply it looks like one outbound and one return ticket.

Oh, yeah, the pair is one out and one back, not enough for two people.