anyone about today?


streetfighter sunday steve at the ace, im off in about 20 mins bikes staying at home though

maybe, who’s askin’?

im askin!

thinking bout nipping down to ace, possibly…

its gonna be rammed steve thats why my bikes stayin at home you will have to park it well out the way go now if your going ring me when your there

y wots on?

nothing they just knew you was going…

its streetfighter sunday

ahhh cant be arsed with that,

are you gay or summat???

are u?

youve met my gal…

nah, just dont fancy shuffling along through thousands of other people poking their cameras into every available open space!

might be down to cubana on wednesday

Hmm… wrestling down the 406 and then elbowing somoene with a zoom lens, naw, don’t fancy it.
Anyone checked out the new custom shop just uip the road from the ace?