anyone a plumber?

got a shower mixer problem i need advice from…


Try JohnP

TDJ / Puppy ?

cool…cheers guys…anyone got the’re numbers?


Tell us more about the problem. Not all of us charge plumber’s rates and most problems are easy together fix SO WHY THE **** HAVE THE BLOODY NEIGHBOURS HAD A DRIPPING OVERFLOW FOR OVER TWO BLOODY YEARS!


Because they are lazy b’stard and it’s only annoying you, not them.

Shane, fookin hit it with a hammer you lazy cnunt!

ShaneId love to fix yer shower but Im off to Italy for a while.TDJ is alledgedly a plumber when hes not a Track Day Hero.:stuck_out_tongue:

yea spoke to him tonight…thanks all…

the problem is that ive got a shower/bath mix…its a slider that when pulled down…the shower turnes on…when the slider is lifted…the bath comes on…but the shower part is no longer working…so i need to get the slider off to replace the rubber diaphram inside…i can’t seem to see how it would come off…ive tried to twist it off but its not going anywere and i dont want to mess it up …

i’ll post a pic in the morning…


I`ll look at it in two weeks time. Jissum can be quite clogging in certain circumstances.:slight_smile:

i can only assume that your so old …yours would be like talc my ol mukker…or is it just fable?;):smiley:


Fast as a mountain stream old mate;) No clogging in our shower:D