Anybody watch 5th gear last night?

As above, did anybody watch it?

They had 3 challenges/races between a 1098 and a Lamborghini guyardo. A race around a track, stopping distance from 90ish MPH and a fastest through the cones test. Needless to say the bike won the race and the cones challenge but the breaking distance really made me think.

I think this is the link if you didnt catch it:

Will need to watch it again, but if Tiff could get his foot on the gas before the flag at the start, he may well have got it down on the anchors before cone on the braking test.

Still, made me decide to forgo my usual tootle around on Saturday and go practicing my braking instead.

Would a 2007 R1 be any faster than the 1098 ?

well tbh, if you look at the physics of the braking bwtween a car and a bike, the car should always stop quicker. It has a much longer wheelbase and larger contact ratio on the tyres and larger breaking cerface ratio having 4 wheels with 4 big discs.

Absolutely, physics say a car will stop quicker, especially with ABS, ESP and 4 very wide tyres. It just made me think about stopping distances a bit more, its easy to forget in the heat of the moment.

Yeah saw it but i though haslam was taking a chance doing the challenge, seeing as ha is still involved in trying to win the bsb and having tiff nedell behind at 150 in a fooking car.

An r1 may have been faster but the challenge was 2 italian vehicles.

Wouldn’t say no to either the Gallardo or the 1098 tbh. Just wouldn’t be able to afford isurance, would have to look at them just sat there…

I think it was performance bike this month comparing bikes v cars for 0-100-0 tests. The bikes won comprehensively even braking where a bike’s lower weight helps against a cars tyres. (except for rediculous choice of bike like a Pan).

But remember it takes a very skilled rider to out brake a car

Well done Haslem to show the world you don`t need to spend well over £100,000 to enjoy speed.

I still wouldn’t bother with a v-twin though…


Man that high speed lap kicked ass. The bike toasted the car on everything but the chicane - and Leon pulled a wheelie mid -chicane too ahahaha

Rock on Haslam