Anybody up the Ace tomorrow morning? - Sunday 19th + little ride for lunch

Apparently its a Overland & Adventure Travel Bike Day… :blink:

Anyway thought I’d go have look, have a brew or two, then my be have a little bimble out the H for a spot of lunch again…:slight_smile:

If anyone fancy it’s let’s know then… I’ll be getting to the Ace around 10:30ish :wink:

Would love to Geoff, but not in London this weekend. Have a good one pal!! Am about next Sunday if anyone fancies a blast on the bikes:)

Thanks Helen I’m sure we can sort out something for next week as well… :wink:

what is your e.t.a for H`s geoff? i might see you over there if i can remember how to ride my bike. :slight_smile:

Ah Tim… would be good to see you mate… errr guess around 1:00 - 1:30ish… how’s that sound

yeah mate, brilliant!!! all being well, see you over there.

hey Geoff i may well be up for this:)

Hi Geoff, if i can sort the misses out i might well see ya there.

oh matron lol:w00t:

May pop in on way back from Snowdonia. :smiley:

Hey Geoff, I cant make this one either…gutted! :frowning:

Next weekend I am off with plans to head southwards so something could be arranged for then perhaps?! :slight_smile:

Id like to hear what the adventure ACE thing is like today…where’s zander/ktmmartin?? Surprised if they wouldn’t be going…

Ah morning all… OK…

See you at the then Ace Matt… :slight_smile:

Jamie hopefully you given your misses a good sorting out :stuck_out_tongue: and we’ll see you as well…

Mark may see you at the H then…:wink:

Claire don’t work to hard… :rolleyes: hopefully sort something for next week then and I think Alex may make an appearance today…

and the sun’s out… :slight_smile:

meet you at the ace cafe geoff… if Im a couple of minutes late please forgive… its 0924 here Im in my PJ’s and I have a bike to kick in the guts (battery etc).

See you a bit later… not sure if we have met but I ride a blue BMW f650gs so you spot me …

Good ride today, just right for the weather we had!

Think I’ll soften up my suspension if I do that route again :smiley:

Thanks all that was good little outing…

The Ace was heaving with adventure bikes and stuff very big turn out there… bumped into a couple of other LBers as well …

We had 6 bikes on the ride, well 7 if we include Jamie gsr, who peeled off after a mile reckoned it was to cold but I think he was worried about keeping up :P… Then at the H cafe we met Tim, Jamie and Nat, Ann and someone else, err Mark I think, so that was good… :slight_smile:

Few pictures…

Westie’s H cafe roast


Sorry I woke up late and missed you guys … and the friend I was supposed to meet for lunch had a hangover so I could have joined you to the H after all. It was a great turnout, with the Ace filled and bikes parked up on the bridge and everywhere.

I got to the Ace, and bumped into Stace for a chat.

Then happily bumped into Phil Evans - who rode a Triumph Tiger 800XC to Bangkok last year. We’ve been trying to meet for a while to swap stories and the trip to Tashkent last year a few of us went on.

Wandering around I came across some cool events and promising gear…

Off-Road Days (suitable for adventure bikes) - only £45 – 4th March in Bagshot, 1st April in Kent

Big Bike Adventure Rally 2012

This is a new event related to the Big Bike Rally Challenge, details still being arranged - but suitable for adventure bikes etc. Green lanes and off-road into Wales and Salisbury. 15/16 September 2012.

I was just about to leave, when I spotted Dorothy (the motorbike) and then Nathan Millwarn “The Postman”. He recognized me too and came over to share a laugh - always good to see him and I couldn’t resist buying his book.

He was also helping MCM cover the day, so might even include some details about Phil and me on our Tigers.

Photo of me, Nathan and Phil below :slight_smile:

good to see you lot at H`s today. roll on warmer weather and lets get out there!!!

Hey Geoff thanks for a good ride out, was a few rem interesting farm tracks lol

yes the farm tracks suited my tractor very well actually… felt right at home…

thanks for the lead geoff it was fun and some good roads out there… bit of gravel around too just to make it interesting